DesignTech Training Academy is the first training company in South Africa to launch Drone Engineering Training.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here and the UAV Engineer course was designed to introduce, expose and equip candidates with the UAV technology and techniques.

The UAV Sytems Engineering Certificate presents a detailed and methodological approach to the engineering, manufacturing, design and programming of commercial drones.

You will learn about drones, design and modeling, analysis, coding, embedded systems, 3D printing and UAV piloting. You will also learn about the maintenance and operations of drones safely aligned to the SACAA guidelines.

Target Audience:

  • Students, Academics and Professionals in Engineering and Research.
  • School Leavers and Candidates who want to understand the technical know-how of the entire UAV Lifecycle.
  • Professionals in UAV Research, Manufacturing, Design and Operation.

Career Opportunities

  • UAV Engineer
  • UAV Technician
  • UAV Technology Entrepreneurs

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Other Courses:

  • 2-day Basic Drone Making and Programming Workshop
  • 5-day UAV Systems Engineer Certification course
  • 6-week Diploma in UAV Systems Engineer course
  • Drones in Agriculture
  • The Use of Drones in Health and Medicine
  • Drones in Construction and Engineering
  • UAVs (drones) for STEM Explorations
  • Drone Technology for GIS & Surveying
  • Drones in Smart Cities: Opportunities & Challenges